A total eclipse of the sun for the first time in our lifetime

August 21, CDOT encouraging eclipse watchers to be careful, plan ahead

By Jared Fiel

On Aug. 21, you will have a chance to see a total eclipse of the sun for the first time in our lifetime. And so will several hundred thousand of your closest friends and neighbors. That is why the Colorado Department of Transportation is asking anyone who is planning to drive to Wyoming or Nebraska (both in the “totality” path of the eclipse) to be prepared for a lot of traffic, delays and headaches for this unique event. Continue reading

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Acers are the 2017 winners of the Tonya Putnam Memorial Tournament

Team triumphs 10-8 over the Champs

by Patty Unruh

The month of July concluded with a favorite pastime – the annual adult co-ed slow pitch softball league’s Tonya Putnam Memorial Tournament. As typical, the final showdown was between the Acers and the Champs. The Acers came out on top 10-8 in the championship game. They were also the 2016 league victors, winning over the Champs. Continue reading

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Gilpin rescinds temporary fire restrictions

Commissioners deal with $254 Million Dollar Lien Filed Against County

By Jaclyn Morrow

The previous regular meeting of the Gilpin County Board of County Commissioners was on July 11, 2017 when the upstairs room in the old Courthouse on Eureka St in Central City had many more residents in attendance to give their comments to that agenda. The three districts commissioners also met in work sessions that same Tuesday, and again July 13th and 19th to tidy up other business. Continue reading

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Resolutions and ordinances

Black Hawk Council Keeps Busy

By Jaclyn Morrow

Mayor David Spellman and the City Council met Wednesday, July 26, 2017 in the old Presbyterian Church, in their upstairs chambers at 211 Church Street in Black Hawk, Colorado. The original agenda had planned to tour Chase Gulch at 1:00 pm and call the meeting to order immediately following the tour. Due to the monsoon weather predicting 100% chance of rain, the tour was cancelled and rescheduled before the August 9th meeting. This regular bi-monthly meeting was held at the normal time of 3 pm. Continue reading

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Central City excludes itself from BID taxes

Bus parking at the Grand Z Casino

By David Josselyn

Work Session

The Central City Council met with Staff on August 1, 2017 for a work session prior to the regular council meeting. The topics of conversation were the Wayfinding Signage, Exit 7 on the Parkway, the Business Assistance Program, and the fire department’s truck number 32. Speakers addressing the Council were Director Ray Rears, Alderwoman Bell, and Manager Miera. The work session ran long and so part of Bell’s and Miera’s agendas were added to the regular meeting. Continue reading

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Turning Back the Pages

30 years ago – August 7, 1987

Don’t shoot the guitar player at the Gilded Garter Saloon. That is what happened August 1, in the peace loving City of Central. But don’t fear folks, “Big Bad Bully,” Ed Graft met his fate at the hand of Marshal Wyatt Earp. Hugh O’Brian, who played the legendary marshal for seven years in the late 50’s and 60’s, surprised 185 high school students gathered for the 1987 Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation International Leadership seminar. Continue reading

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Turning Back the Pages

30 years ago – July 31, 1987

The unusual sound of bagpipes served as an attractive force for an unexpected surprise on July 25. A group of El Jebel Shriners, at least that is what we think they are, held a parade between Central City and Black Hawk. The group of men appeared to be Shriners, but it is anyone’s guess. Continue reading

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Beat the Heat Wing Fest

Short on wings, long on entertainment

By David Josselyn

The second annual Central City Wing Fest, Saturday, July 22, was met with eager anticipation by those who attended the inaugural or heard about it second hand. The Wing Fest event allows business and residents to show off their chicken wing finesse in a contest for best wing, and then holds a chicken wing eating contest. Trophies are handed out for best wings, but over-eaters, er, over-achievers in eating are awarded cold hard cash for their gnashing ability. Continue reading

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Peak to Peak Gymkhana Buckle Series

Western horsemanship at the Gilpin County Arena

By Jaclyn Morrow

Saturday, July 22nd at the Gilpin County Arena, 16 riders and horses participated in the second of three summer horse shows sponsored the by Peak to Peak Healthy Communities Project. It also has generous support by United Power and a sponsorship by The Mountain-Ear, Nederland Equestrian School, and Ridgeline Consulting. Promptly at 9:00 am the judged riding events began. Previously, most riders had unloaded, prepared and warmed up their horses in the clean arena with only a couple puddles from our recent rains near the announcer’s tower.  Some riders shared horses in different age groups, though sharing a horse in the same age group did not give an official score points for the second rider. One rider had two horses, the first to earn points for the cherished buckle, and the other was to practice and train the horse for future competitions. Continue reading

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A “tailing tale” of Lorenzo Martin Freas

A Colorado Pioneer 1817-1902

By Maggie Magoffin

A letter from Mountain City, Colorado, August 14, 1859.

Dear Sister:

  I left Saint Joseph Missouri on the twenty third Day of May with a team and load of goods and made the journey to Danver via the Platte route in thirty five Days. Your letter of the 28th May was received by me on my arrival at Danver. My Papers have not been received, in future Direct them, to Danver Kansas Territory by Express from Leavenworth and letters also. I am at present located in the Rocky Mountains forty miles west of Danver in what was formerly known as Gregory Diggins, it was here where Mr. Greeley made his Debut in the early part of June last. Continue reading

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