Journalist uncovers glittering legacy in GOLD!

Madness Murder and Mayhem in the Colorado Rockies 

By Angela Zbornik

Award-winning investigative writer Ian Neligh takes a look at the phenomenon of gold, the treasure hunters, both modern and historic, and brings them to life in a detailed and sharp narrative, GOLD! Madness Murder and Mayhem in the Colorado Rockies.

“As a journalist working in the mountain towns of Colorado, I discovered that there were men and women still living in the shadow of the Gold Rush. Miners, prospectors, treasure hunters, and those still working to open new gold mines and others to close them for good. I came to find that the history of the people who dug their fortunes from the Rockies was not only thrilling and captivating – but telling of the legacy that we’ve inherited,” says Neligh.

Gold! is the story of an unusual subculture on the rise in the mountains of Colorado fueled by a delicate balance of hope, greed, and loss. It tells the story of men mostly forgotten by the world as they go in endless pursuit of an impossible fortune. It follows miners working their small, dangerous gold claims in mines over a hundred years old, to modern-day prospectors trying to strike it rich and counterbalance the weight of a struggling economy. The book examines if those who spend their lives in search of riches ever actually strike it rich.

In addition to history, geology, and mineralogy, readers will learn about toxic spills (like the recent Gold King Mine spill) and Environmental Protection Agency involvement, mine mitigation, creation of habitats for Colorado’s critically endangered bats, the story of famous cannibal Alfred Packer, and the staggering abundance of wildlife encountered by George Jackson including mountain lions and wolverine.

Gold! tells the story of the glittering allure and the obsessive struggle of mining in the Colorado Rockies.

About the author

A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Ian Neligh went into journalism because of his love of talking to people from different backgrounds and hearing their stories. Neligh has flown airplanes, ridden horses and dog sleds, run with burros, dressed up as a mascot, reenacted Civil War battles, climbed mountains, investigated corruption, interviewed mayors, senators, governors and film directors – all on deadline. Neligh helped create the Denver Post’s first podcast program and was featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered.” He has mingled with ghost hunters, broken national news stories, and photographed U.S. Presidents. Neligh fosters a healthy obsession with books and movies, is an accomplished fencer, and is currently working with filmmakers on adapting a series of stories he wrote. More at and @IanNelighAuthor on Facebook.

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